Sep 2015

Australian Harmonica Players Network

This Sunday
I’m playing the grand piano at Dee Why RSL Club
Sun 6 September, Dee Why RSL, Flame Lounge 6.30 - 9.30

Sydney Blues & Roots Festival
Dr. Don's Double Dose will be playing this years Sydney Blues & Roots Festival in October! Fri 23rd evening at Sebel and Sat 24th afternoon at Simon's Cafe.
Among other great acts, Canned Heat from USA will also be there! Definitely worth a visit to historic Windsor.

Australian Harmonica Players Network
I have been asked to perform and back players at the September Australian Harmonica Players Network Club Meeting. For any budding or more experienced harmonica players you are welcome to sit in. Top harp man Joe Glover will be joining me for my set on the day. Club Ashfield Sat 12 Sept 1 - 5 pm

Milton-Ulladulla Exservos Club
We had a great night at Milton-Ulladulla Exservos Club with locals dancing and gettin’ in to the music. Now Double Dose have been invited back for October.

Piano Lessons
Learn techniques for playing blues, roots, pop/rock and other genres from Don Hopkins, 2nd place winner, International Blues Challenge, Memphis, 2012.
Lessons tailored to suit your piano playing needs.
How to play for singer, band or solo piano.
How to work from a lead sheet, play solos, write songs.
Beginners to advanced. For more information call: 0425 201 870