Nov 2014

Rock The Gate

Central Hotel
Dr. Don’s Double Dose return for their regular 2nd Saturday of the month gig at Central Hotel, Shellharbour City from 7.30 for those jazz and blues fans in the Illawarra. Great venue for some laid back lounge blues and New Orleans rhumboogies on the drums and piano.

Rock The Gate
Rob and myself are proud to be part of this Lock The Gate, Anti Coal Seam Gas, event in Newtown on Sunday 23 Nov at Midnight Special 44 Enmore Rd 9 - 10pm
And there are lots of great acts on at our venue, see below, along with 5 other venues up and down Enmore Rd to choose from on the day.

Valve Bar
We kick off the Blues Rock Extravaganza at The Valve Bar 871 George St in the City with Ray Beadle and new Adelaide blues band, Devils Crossroad + Big Blind Ray Friday 21 Nov. See November gig page for details.

Santa’s Got Soul
Don to part of line up for Santa’s Got Soul with Cass Eager and band + horns.
Narooma Kinema, Sat 20 Dec 2 shows.